Step 1: Educate

It’s likely that you’ve already heard of the fantastic benefits a raw food diet will provide your dog. There may be other benefits that you’re unaware of, so take a peak at our Why Raw page to learn more. We’ll tell you more about Suzy’s Doggie Delights on Our Story page. Hear from our recently satisfied customers on the Testimonials page.

Step 2: How Much to Feed

Use our handy Feeding Calculator below to get an idea of how much raw food you should feed your dog(s) daily:

Step 3: Pick Your Food

If you and your dog are completely new to raw, here are some suggested meal plans to start your dog off with. This is a great way to introduce your dog to raw and a variety of ingredients. Feel free to give us a call if you’d like further assistance.

1 month for a 70-80 lb dog:
2x – 5lb Chicken
1x – 5lb Chicken Veggie Fruit
1x – 5lb Chicken Veggie Offal
1x – 5lb Turkey Veggie Fruit
1x – 5lb Turkey Veggie Offal
1x – 5lb Beef Veggie Fruit
1x – 5lb Beef Veggie Offal
1 month for a 20-30 lb dog:
2x – 2lb Chicken
1x – 2lb Chicken Veggie Fruit
1x – 2lb Chicken Veggie Offal
1x – 2lb Turkey Veggie Fruit
1x – 2lb Turkey Veggie Offal
1x – 2lb Beef Veggie Fruit
1x – 2lb Beef Veggie Offal
1 month for a 10 lb dog:
1 – 1lb Chicken
1 – 1lb Chicken Veggie Fruit
1 – 1lb Chicken Veggie Offal
1 – 1lb Turkey Veggie Fruit
1 – 1lb Turkey Veggie Offal
1 – 1lb Beef Veggie Offal

Step 4: Delivery or Pick-Up?

We offer a variety of delivery and pick-up options to Arizona customers:

a) Direct delivery to your home via refrigerated van.
Check our Delivery Calendar to see where we will be delivering each day.

b) Pick-up from a local Co-op Drop-Off Point (currently AZ only). We are the exclusive provider for Arizona Raw Bones Co-op, and you may pick up your order from one of the many Drop-off Points offered.

c) Pick-up at our Arizona store location.
Check our Delivery Calendar for store hours.

Step 5: Feed and Witness the Benefits

Watching your dog investigate raw food for the first time and scarf it down is a sight to see! Be sure to read our Feeding Instructions page for tips on how to introduce your dog to raw, portion out food, and feed safely. Most of our customers begin to notice the benefits of their dog’s new raw diet in as little as 2-4 weeks.