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Suzy’s Doggie Delights has been a proud co-op supporter for over 10 years!

AZ Raw Bones started in 1999 when raw feeding gained popularity. Though they call themselves a “coop”, there are no fees to join, no forms to fill out, and no obligations. Anyone is welcome to participate as often as they’d like, so long as they respect the volunteers and practices of the coop. There are no paid employees, the coop does not financially benefit from the purchase of food in any manner, and in fact, there is no official organization and said imaginary organization has no funds or operating budget.

Suzy’s Doggie Delights is currently the exclusive supplier of raw dog food for AZ Raw Bones members.

Current Co-op Drop Points:

Drop-points in Central Phoenix, Mesa, Florence, Marana, Tuscon, Prescott, Prescott Valley, Flagstaff, Coolidge and the West Valley are available once per month. Exact address of drop point will be listed for you during order checkout.

Tentative Schedule:

Check our co-op pickup and delivery calendars for exact dates!

Central Phoenix (E Golden) and Mesa (S Tulip Ave)

Prescott (Alamitos Ct), Sedona, Flagstaff (E Copeland Ln)

Florence (Willow St), Marana (N Sandario Rd), North Tucson (N Oleander Vista), East Tucson (E 35th St)

Note: There is no charge for co-op delivery in the Phoenix area. There is a $5.00 delivery charge added to each order for the other locations.