How It Started
Over 10 years ago, Susan was working in a butcher shop and noticed more and more customers inquiring about raw dog food. Having dogs of her own, this sparked her interest and she began to do extensive research. Also a German Shepherd breeder at the time, she decided to feed her own dogs a raw food diet and immediately noticed the benefits. Compared to previous litters, the litters fed on raw were noticeably healthier. Less trips to the vet, shinier coats, smaller stools, cleaner teeth and fresher breath!

Since working at a butcher shop, Susan already had access to a facility to begin manufacturing raw dog food for herself and others that were interested. She wanted to provide a healthier alternative to processed kibble and knew that others would surely notice the same benefits they had. She was confident she could offer an extremely high quality food at an affordable price. Susan had a background and experience in the food industry, but in order to refine the initial recipes even more, she hired an animal nutritionist to develop the formulas you see offered today and over the last 10 years.

The Facility
All food is currently made in Glendale, Arizona. Jon and Susan personally make the food themselves taking the utmost pride in maintaining a very healthy and sanitary working environment.

The Process
Vegetables are double rinsed and hand cut. The meats are all USDA inspected. Jon mixes and grinds the meats and veggies with a commercial grade grinder. Susan weighs and packages the food to be vacuum sealed and it immediately goes into a freezing process afterwards. The grinders are thoroughly cleaned between formulas to prevent cross contamination and allergens. They only trust their own process and have never considered having their food manufactured elsewhere. By manufacturing the food in-house, they know exactly what is going into each batch of food, how it’s being handled and where it originated from. This attention to detail results in quality control that you won’t find within many other dog food manufacturers.

To Another 10 Years!
After 10 years in business, having a family business and working together has been an extremely rewarding experience for Susan and Jon. They both adore dogs, enjoy working with customers, and love hearing stories of how their food has positively affected the lives of their customers’ dogs.