Take a brief moment to think about the food that you eat. If you consistently consume fresh, clean and well-balanced meals, I’m sure you have realized the major benefits it provides and how much better it makes you feel. Now think of a time where you have indulged in a greasy meal from a fast food joint. Did it make you feel bloated? Did it make you feel tired and sleepy? The answer is probably Yes!

The reason our bodies respond positively to fresh food is because they are easy to digest and do not contain additives or preservatives. This same concept applies to our canine companions. Dry food (or kibble) has been around for many, many years, and as you can imagine, pet food is BIG business. In fact, over $22 billion dollars was spent by the U.S. market in 2014 on pet food alone! Dry pet food is cheap to manufacture, easy to transport, and has a very long shelf life. The more preservatives and grain products that can be added to a food, the larger the profit margin.

Below you’ll find a list of benefits that we, along with our loyal customers and thousands of other raw dog food supporters around the world have witnessed once we began feeding our dogs the raw food their bodies were designed for. In addition, take a look through our Testimonials page for a closer glimpse at how our products have made a difference in their dogs’ lives.

Benefits include:

An alarming new study conducted by Dr. Larry Glickman at Purdue University, showed gum disease, which can occur in up to 75% of dogs and cats by middle age, is directly linked to the occurrence of heart disease. What can help prevent this? Promoting good pet dental care at home (which we all know starts with eating better foods)!

Many of our customers quickly notice that after their dog has been on a raw food diet, that their teeth look better than ever. Less tartar build up and no more foul doggy breath. This results in less vet visits for teeth cleaning, all while helping lower your dog’s chances of heart disease.

You may have witnessed your dog practically inhaling dry food so quickly that you wonder if he/she even attempted to chew. These whole pieces of food sit in their stomach and take hours to digest. Often it causes gas or even vomiting. Feeding raw dog food allows for quick and easy digestion. This also results in nutrients being fully and quickly absorbed.
We encourage our customers to feed their dogs a variety of raw food that we offer, including whole bone treats. Different foods have distinct flavors, smells, and textures. This can open your dog up to a new world of stimulation compared to commercially mass produced kibble.
Many of our customers’ dogs battle allergies year round. A majority of them see allergic reactions and symptoms lessen or even completely disappear once switching to a raw food diet. That could mean no more expensive vet visits, creams, washes, antibiotics, or steroid shots!
A raw diet can normalize and strengthens the immune system. Because the raw meat diet contains a good balance of essential fatty acids and other immune strengthening nutrients, it reduces inflammation and can eliminates infections.
Your canine friend will lose unwanted fat and gain muscle mass. Your dog will begin to look healthier, stronger, and have more energy. The effect will be more rapid if you routinely exercise your dog.
Those large, smelly stools will be no more after your dog has adjusted to a raw food diet. Stools become small, hard, and nearly odorless.
Customers that switch older dogs to a raw food diet often find that the degenerative disease their dog has contracted becomes less of a problem.
Many of our customers report back that their older dogs with arthritis have a new lease on life again after switching to a raw food diet.