“Our bull terrier, Hedwig, is just thriving on Suzy’s raw meat diet. His favorite is probably the ultra beef but loves duck and lamb too. I feed a combination of them for his breakfast and then dinner. He is also crazy about the cow hooves (we say “Cow Feet” to him. Ha ha) and also the marrow bones. They last long after he eats the meat from them. It’s such a great alternative for his constant chewing desire. He’s been on this diet for several months now. We switched to this after advice from a friend because Hedwig was just not eating the kibble and had a lot of digestive issues while eating it. He gobbles up every drop immediately of the raw from the very first serving. So I am able to have a consistent feeding schedule. He sleeps so soundly now, no more chaotic anxious outbursts and his stool and urine is healthy and far less frequent. I could just go on and on with the difference this has made for him. Happy happy happy!”
-Loretta & Hedwig

“Bruno has been doing amazing since raw diet going on two years now! Love his zeal and spicy attitude.”
-Christine & Bruno

“Sophie is 11 yrs and has arthritis. Started her on raw several months ago after she stopped eating her kibble. Now she enjoys eating and has more energy than before. Only requires pain meds several times a month, not daily as before. I’m a huge fan.”
-Sophie & Sharon

“Tashi and Norbu have been eating raw for 9 yrs. This month Tashi (a Lhasa Apso) will be 13 and Norbu (a Shichon) will be 10. They continue to stay extremely healthy and happy. Tashi is more alert and active than all of us put together. The pups favorite daily dessert a plate of Suzy’s various nutrient-rich Tripe. Thank you Suzy!”
-Tashi & Norbu