“Sophie is 11 yrs and has arthritis. Started her on raw several months ago after she stopped eating her kibble. Now she enjoys eating and has more energy than before. Only requires pain meds several times a month, not daily as before. I’m a huge fan.”
-Sophie & Sharon

“Tashi and Norbu have been eating raw for 9 yrs. This month Tashi (a Lhasa Apso) will be 13 and Norbu (a Shichon) will be 10. They continue to stay extremely healthy and happy. Tashi is more alert and active than all of us put together. The pups favorite daily dessert a plate of Suzy’s various nutrient-rich Tripe. Thank you Suzy!”
-Tashi & Norbu

“My Vet recommended Suzy’s Doggie Delights for Toby, my 3 year old male Lab. Well, I have to tell you that Toby’s world has changed. He’s loving the food and better yet, the food is loving him. The quality of the formulation is just superb. All the right stuff. I would recommend Suzy’s food to anyone that wants to see their pooch happy and to live a long happy life.”
-Toby & Chris

“Tika and Mia have enjoyed Suzy’s fresh raw diet for about three years. We’ve always fed our dogs regular dry food until Tika (Mini Australian Shepherd) was showing signs of slowing down and was overweight. It made sense to try Suzy’s and was worth a try. Mia, her sister (Pomeranian) came to us with really bad teeth (had to have about 12 pulled) and I wondered how she was able to get enough food. It was the right move for both of them. These sisters are a healthy weight and bounding with energy. Happy and healthy. Thankful to my friend and neighbor for the referral and would highly recommend Suzy’s to anyone looking for something better for their doggies. Easy to order and convenient delivery. Thank you!”
-Dani, Tika & Mia

“We have used Suzy’s for 6+ years now. After Teddy had dietary issues early on, we kept trying different foods. He had his first solid stool after eating his first raw meal and we will never go back. Everything about Suzy’s is amazing, from ordering to delivering.”
-Kari, Teddy & Macy

“Our rescued white GSD was so-o-o worthy of a better quality of life that my husband and I decided to only feed him the best possible nutrition. Thank goodness for Suzy’s Doggie Delights! We received our raw, frozen meals from Suzy’s right on time and after a month of feeding raw we feel like pros and have absolute confidence in this local raw food supplier. I love the quality of the food and personal service we get from Suzy’s! We have begun to enjoy seeing the health benefits in Titan. His coat is absolutely luxurious, he sheds less, stools are smaller and less odorous and his energy levels are off the charts! He loves the food and thanks us with rigorous tail-wagging after each meal. Thank you SDD for what you are providing to our beloved animals and the natural, safe way that you do it!”
-Jill, Scott & Titan

“I have been a customer of Suzy’s Doggie Delights for the past three to four years. I now have my first litter I am weaning to raw. Suzy’s has the best value I have found and I greatly appreciate the hands-on service and ‘Mom & Pop’ feel to the company. Definitely have recommended them again and again!”

“Sadly we had to say goodbye to our “Sweet & Healthy” little girl after 15 years of pure joy. The last 3 years she feasted and licked her bowl of Suzy’s duck and buffalo and never needed a trip to the vet!!! I’m sorry I did not find out about this outstanding company earlier in her life to be able to provide her with the freshest ‘species specific’ diet that all our furry friends are craving. Thank you for all you do!!!”
-Lynn & Glenn

“I am new to raw-diet with my Bruno. He’s a 3 year old GSD and recently having allergies to Bil-Jac Large Adult. Shaking his head and licking his toes – not comfortable. BUT, prior to these allergy symptoms – I deep dived raw research and am a believer in the raw diet feeding regime. I’m also blessed with a close location to Suzy’s Arizona shop. My dog has been relieved of allergy intensity to Bil-Jac Large Adult dog kibble in only one week with just marrow bones treats as a supplement. We are working toward his raw slow transition in the next few weeks.” -Christine & Bruno

Update: I am very pleased with the quality of Suzys. Brunos’s allergies to high grade kibble are behind us now and a thing of the past since we transitioned in January of 2018! It’s so amazing how his teeth have cleaned up as well.

“Best raw dog food and fantastic company. Susan really cares about animals and has done her research to ensure your furry children get the best of the best. Customer service is incredible any time I have a question on an order. My golden retriever is 10 and in tip top health because of this food. He recently had to have his intestines cut open because he swallowed a tennis ball (oops), and the vet said he looked like a 2 or a 3 year old dog inside based on how healthy the tissue was! Find a way to give this food to your dog! They deliver, and they have co-op pick up locations throughout AZ an​d deliver in Denver, ​​​CO. It is truly the best.” -Hana

“We recently moved to Arizona from New Hampshire and i was having some difficulty finding a raw food supplier for my 3.5 year old shepherd Cesar. He had gone from almost 90lbs down to 77lbs in a couple of months. I tried all kinds of kibble and he wouldn’t have any of it. When i found Suzy’s and got my first order he was right back to his old eating habits. The change in just a few short weeks has been wonderful, hes filling back out and has been having normal stool. I am looking forward to many years of excellent health with him.” -Brad & Cesar

“Beau is a 2 year old Magyar Vizsla. Since he was a puppy, I fed him the highest quality dry kibble I could find. His stools were always very soft and foul smelling. My vet said this was “normal”. Like many Vizslas, Beau also suffered from dry skin, allergies, and I had to apply ointment to his dry snout daily to keep it from cracking. 3 weeks after switching to Suzy’s raw food, Beau’s coat and nose look absolutely amazing (and I no longer have to apply ointment to his nose)! Thank You Suzy’s Doggie Delights!” -James & Beau

“Banjo had stomach issues when eating dry dog food, including a short hospitalization. After we switched to raw, her problems went away. I feed raw food to all 3 of our Jack Russell Terriers. They also get a small marrow bone a couple times a week, and chicken necks as snacks. They are thriving!” -Bix & Banjo

“Oktay my male German Shepherd came when he was 18 months old. He had stomach issues. We put him on Suzy’s Doggie Delight raw food and he no longer has issues. His coat was dull and now is in great condition! Roux, my Chesapeake Bay Retriever was in Virginia with a hunting dog trainer. When I brought her here her coat was dull and not very curly. They sent dry dog food that she refused to eat. Put her on Suzys Doggie Delight and she looks terrific! Phara, the youngest in the group, came when she was 16 weeks old. No issues, she was started right away on Suzy’s. Have not had any Vet issues. Dogs are full of energy and look terrific. I believe all dogs should be on a raw food diet!” -Gwen, Oktay and Roux

“Eating is what labs do. We love our raw diet! Here’s a photo of us walking off our great breakfast.” -Gail

“Puka works in an office with children. Suzy’s Doggie Delights has been her diet since she was 5 months old. Puka never displayed the usual hyperactive Labrador puppy behavior. She has always been mild mannered and having other Labradors in the past, I attribute her demeanor to Suzy’s Doggie Delights. Puka also has beautiful white teeth and a soft coat. Finally, since she digests all of her food, Puka’s poop is small for a big dog.” -Paul & Puka

“Doberman Pinschers Elke and Wyatt. They have been eating raw from SDD all their lives. Pictures of health.” -Dan & Lynn Sands

“Rosie eats like the Queen that she is!” -Francine & Rosie

“Suzy’s Doggie Delights products are of the highest quality raw dog food I have found. My dogs love the food and the food loves them. I have never seen better coats, cleaner teeth and overall healthy looking dogs than when I am feeding Suzie’s food. I attribute a lot of the success of my Search and Rescue dog, Logan to Suzie’s food. Your dog can only perform as good as the food you feed them. I highly recommend Suzie’s Doggie Delights; whether your dog is a working dog or a beloved family member, you should always want to feed the best.” -Jeanine Clary & Logan

“Scooter and Mickey love your food. They are happy and healthy dogs.” -Reuben Osollo, Scooter & Mickey

“It feels good when your senior dog is 11 years old and the vet says, “She’s an 11 year old with 11 month old bloodwork” and when your 9-month-old pups are healthy and thriving. Thanks Suzy’s Doggie Delights!” -Michele Mountain

“Archie has been on Suzy’s raw food for 6 years. He is in excellent health. He hikes all over Arizona and loves to Kayak. His good health is attributed to Suzy’s raw food diet and exercise with lots of love and kindness. Thank You Susan for offering this wonderful product for our Best Friends! -Gary Gertz

“Cyrano, my male ( on his feet ) is very picky… I should say WAS picky and I had a hard time putting any weight on him. Since I added green tripe to his holistic grain-free diet, he eats like a champ and has never got an upset stomach like he was used to. Hermeline, my female also enjoys the green tripe! Both are Berger Picards. Hermeline came directly from Picardie in France and both of my dogs are multi-winning champions.” -Maryse, Cyrano, Hermeline and Ch’timie

“Gili, Canaan Dog, 9 months old, weaned on raw, fed raw!” -Eileen & Gili

“Thanks to Suzy’s, Karma is a happy and healthy Berner! She licks her bowl clean every time! The variety of Suzy’s offerings is outstanding and delivery to Flagstaff makes it convenient for us.” -John & Karma

“I have been feeding my boxers Suzy’s Doggie Delights for years…they have done amazingly well on it. Along with the health benefits of feeding raw, it is a huge convenience to be able to have food delivered fresh, and on time to our ranch in northern Arizona. I start my puppies on the chicken necks when they are old enough to be weaned.” -Marie Fox-Edgar

“Max loves his raw food! Gives him the energy to go hiking and pull his cart =)” -Max’s Owner

“Here is a picture of my crew that have been eating Suzy’s Doggie Delights raw food. Mack, my oldest and on far left, has been eating raw since he was 1 years old. Marshall, my baby, since he was 9 weeks. Dolly (Corgi), all her life. Thanks again for all the support!” -Sandra, Mack, Marshall & Dolly

“Absolutely amazing food and amazing service! Well worth it, especially seeing how healthy our 6 year old American Bulldog, Draper is!” -Ryan & Draper

“Both the pugs are happy & healthy & love SDD’s ground meats, XCAL Tripe & marrow bones. They say ‘Thank You’ Susan for yummy & delicious raw dog food!” -Rico, Harriet & Sally