Benefits include: Improvement of oral health, digestion, skin, coat, and immune system. A balanced raw food diet can also help increase strength, reduce stool volume and odor, and fight degenerative diseases. View the Why Raw page for more details.
We love hearing back from our customers and have posted some of their recent comments on our Testimonials page. We’ve had customers start feeding their dog our food and it has reduced allergies, increased strength, improved energy levels, and much more!
Our food is handmade! We manufacture the food ourselves and pay very close attention to each and every ingredient used. We cater to a smaller pool of customers and listen to them when they bring concerns or suggestions to us. Our recipes have been carefully refined over the last 10 years we’ve been in business!
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Most consumers are not even aware of raw dog food diets. Those that know about it tend to be misinformed. Some people think it’s inconvenient or too expensive. We hope that more people will realize the amazing benefits and give us a try! We are firm believers that the increased cost of feeding your dog a premium raw food diet will be made up by the reduction in future Vet visits that so many dogs face.
Many younger dogs will gulp their food quickly and it concerns some owners. Unlike solid dry kibble, Suzy’s mixes are moist and very easy to digest so you should not be worried.
These foods are commercially manufactured, often into solid tubes or patties to make it more convenient to pack and transport. Our food is handmade and we manufacture weekly based on order demand.
Some of our customers add supplements to every meal, some cycle them on and off, and others do not use supplements at all. It is your decision and we recommend our customers do their own research and see what the best fit for their particular dog is.
Dogs are surprisingly well-equipped to deal with bacteria. Their saliva has antibacterial properties; it contains lysozyme, an enzyme that lyses and destroys harmful bacteria. Their short digestive tract is designed to push through food and bacteria quickly without giving bacteria time to colonize. The extremely acidic environment in the gut is also a good bacteria colonization deterrent.
This is a difficult issue that is guaranteed to offend some people, particularly those in the profession. Nevertheless, while veterinarians perform much-needed services for our pets, they receive very little nutritional training. The training they do receive is often advocated by or even administered by the pet food companies. This is why we worked closely with animal nutritionists to refine our recipes over and over again to produce a well-balanced raw diet.
Absolutely! Many of our customers, and Susan herself, feed a raw food diet to puppies. The great thing is that you’ll also be able to continue feeding your pups the exact same food for the rest of its life instead of switching between different dry kibbles at different life stages.
Many dogs do great on cold start. We suggest fasting them for 12-24hrs prior and keep their initial diet very simple (we suggest starting with Chicken) before introducing a variety of proteins.